Tour de Crown

What's the deal?

We're riding bikes from the Pacific to the Atlantic – 8 friends, 9 days, 6,223 km – to raise money for the world's oceans.

Have you done anything like this before?

Yep, last year we rode 5,300 km from San Francisco to Anchorage.

Why would anyone do this?

We like riding bikes. We like having fun. We like giving back.

We've partnered with Ocean Legacy Foundation and Surfrider Pacific Rim to donate 100% of the funds raised to reduce plastic waste in our oceans through beach cleanups and plastic-to-fuel technologies that reuse debris for economic value.

When is the relay?

July 3-11th, 2018

Who's part of the crew?

Taylor Burk. Josh Zipin. Gil Levy. Sam Goldstein. Will Oberle. Connor Ashenbrucker. Tony DiPasquale. Andy Cochrane.

How can i help?

Support the cause by pledging on a kilometer basis. Donations are tax deductible and all of the funds raised will be used to keep our oceans clean. Thank you for your support!

Thank you for your support -- together we raised over $6,500 CAD!

The Ocean Legacy Foundation
Surfrider Foundation
Surfrider Foundation
The Ocean Legacy Foundation